Columban Leader in Australia

Columban Leader for Australia

Fr Peter O'Neill SSC

Fr Peter O’Neill is the Columban Leader in Australia and is also the Peace, Ecology and Justice Co-ordinator for Australia. 

Fr Peter was ordained in 1990. He returned to Australia in 2017 after working in Taiwan for 26 years with the poor and abused migrant workers and trafficked peoples. Fr Peter spent 12 years at the Hope Workers’ Centre, one of two Columban centres set up to help local and migrant workers – many of them who arrive traumatised and damaged. For his last ten years in Taiwan, Fr Peter was the Diocesean Coordinator for Pastoral and Social Services to migrants, trafficked peoples, immigrants and their families. 

He is now a member of ACRATH [Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans], Pax Christi and the Melbourne Laudato Si' animators group. 

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