About the Programme

Columban Partnership Programme
What is the Columban Partnership Programme?

  • It is a way of engaging people in social justice issues.
  • It enables visits to Columban-based missions in the Philippines and Fiji.
  • It encourages the development of long-term community-to-community partnerships.

Our aims:   

  • To offer people in parishes a first-hand experience of global poverty and oppression.
  • To develop a deeper sense of Catholic-Christian mission.
  • To help build relations between peoples of different cultures and religions; nurturing mutual respect and understanding.
  • To encourage communities to engage in activities which strengthen partnerships with Columban missions.

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Janette Mentha
Director of Communications & Publications

Columban Mission Centre
Phone: +61 3 9375 9411
Fax: +61 3 9379 6040
Email: partnership.programme@columban.org.au