Programme Outline

Columban Partnership Programme

The Columban Partnership Programme outlines three components:

Preparation: (Approximately three 2-hour sessions)

  • Spend time  learning about the social, political and historical context of the country you plan to visit.
  • Explore current understandings of "mission" from a Catholic-Christian perspective.
  • Deepen your understanding and appreciation for the work of Columban Missionaries.

Immersion: (A listening and learning experience)

  • Participate in a group visit to the Philippines or Fiji with Columban Missionaries.
  • Opportunity to meet with Columban Missionaries and people with whom they work.
  • Time allowed each day for reflection, discussion and relaxation.


  • Share your stories when you return home to your community.
  • Plan activities to promote the development of the Columban Partnership through:
    • Awareness raising
    • Prayer
    • Solidarity   
    • Advocacy
    • Partnership Support and Fundraising

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