Shanghai Faith Stories

Shanghai Faith Stories - Introduction


Many expats in Shanghai, who were involved in the Catholic communities, grew in their faith while in Shanghai. This fact may seem counter-intuitive. Shanghai is known as a city of tinsel and glitter, of sex and night-clubs, of money making and pollution. It is also a lot more than that. Shanghai is also the place where many have found God in a more intimate way.

Columban Fr Warren Kinne served nearly 20 years as a missionary in Shanghai, China.

  Faith tends to grow when we are out of our comfort zone

Jun 21, 2018
It has been a blessing that I am able to witness the amazing work of other believers, in response to the suffering of others. My fellow believers said that they would have been more lukewarm in faith if they have remained in their comfort zones.
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  A dynamic life filled with God's love and generosity

Jun 05, 2018
Mia is a Korean American married to a Chinese man and they have three children of whom one has very special needs
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  My eyes were restrained like the two men on their road to Emmaus

May 04, 2018
Suddenly, I felt my eyes were opened, I felt the Holy Spirit was giving me understanding from a new perspective. And like the two disciples who were restrained from recognising Jesus, for the people whom I could not fully love and trust for fear of being hurt again, I too was restrained from recognising…
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  Acts of kindness from strangers

May 04, 2018
To my great surprise the following morning I heard a knocking on my hotel door and was startled to see the same young man beckoning me to come with him. I followed him, sat on the back of his bicycle, and we went out to a remote bus station on the southern side of Beijing.
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  Determination and love of my wife leading me to faith

May 04, 2018
‘There is no way I am going for this retreat’, I told my wife, ‘why would I want to go waste a whole weekend with a bunch of men I don’t know and to a place I never heard off?
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  Many angels in my life from different nations

May 04, 2018
Father Warren is one of the founders of You Dao, and he invited me to join the team as an Executive Director. At first, I hesitated, but my husband encouraged me to take the challenge.
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  I want to have a heart like that

May 04, 2018
My highlight every year was the Sheshan pilgrimage where we would pray the station of the cross all the way up the Sheshan mountain on one Saturday in May honouring our Lady of Sheshan.
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