Spirituality and Ecology Award


ARRCC Australian Religious Response to Climate Change



Faith Ecology Network (FEN)

At a recent inaugural Eco-Awards Dinner the Faith and Ecology Network (FEN) received the “Spirituality and Ecology Award” for outstanding effort in championing the link between spirituality and ecology.

Put on by the group Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) for World Environment Day, the dinner showcased Australian faith communities that are showing the way in environmental education and responsibility. When seen together in one place, many would be surprised at just how much is going on in parishes, faith communities and schools.

One of the keynote speakers for the evening, CEO of The Climate Institute John Connor, emphasised the importance of interfaith cooperation on climate change.  “Global ambition to act on climate change is fragile, but is moving forward in most countries.  We urgently need greater cooperation across faiths, between religious and secular groups, across countries, and between rich and poor if we are to speed the journey to a less polluting and wasteful world”, said Mr Connor.

FEN is a multi-faith network with members from more than 9 faiths which aims to share mutual appreciation of religious traditions regarding ecology as well as to discern and foster religious reasons for advocacy about caring for the earth. The network emerged out of a seminar put on by the Columban Mission Institute in 2003.

FEN conducts multi-faith public seminars, holds an enrichment day for members, and encourages sharing of insights on faith and ecology between faith groups and the wider environmental movement through an electronic network.

FEN has also published statements on common areas of interest. Statements on Safe Food, on Water, on Climate Change, and on Earth: Our Common Home are available to demonstrate how faiths are co-operating to learn more and encourage positive action on environmental issues.

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