Columban Interreligious Dialogue Website

Columban - Interreligious WebsiteIn a world too often convulsed by conflict, violence and terrorism—sometimes falsely associated with religion—dialogue is the best way to build relations, promote peace, develop mutual understanding, build harmony, grow in truth and love and work collaboratively for the welfare of all people and all creation.    
The Missionary Society of Saint Columban is pleased to announce a new website,  The website has been developed by the Society’s Interreligious Dialogue Network to educate and inspire Columban Missionaries and the wider public about interreligious dialogue (IRD).  

Columbans share personal stories about their engagement in interreligious dialogue, how they became involved, what they do, what inspires them, how their lives and spiritualities have been enriched and how their work on social issues is much more effective when done in collaboration with others.  

Since interreligious dialogue is an integral part of the Church’s evangelising mission—as developed in Catholic Church teaching over the past 50 years—each member of the Church has a part to play. Hence the many resources on the Columban IRD website—annotated bibliographies, teaching documents, clips and links to a wide selection of websites—are relevant to all Catholics and all other Christians. Believers from other religions, interfaith activists and all people of good will everywhere can also benefit.

The Columban IRD website conveniently groups these resources on the following pages:  

  • ABOUT US: introduces the Columbans
  • LATEST NEWS: interreligious stories and events from around the world
  • COLUMBAN STORIES:  personal involvement in interreligious dialogue
  • INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE:  what is it? why dialogue? scripture verses, bibliography, websites
  • TEACHING DOCUMENTS:  from the Roman Catholic Church, the World Council of Churches, Other Churches, Other Religions and Civil Society
  • HOW?: practical suggestions, guidelines for multi-faith meetings, multi-faith prayer services ….
  • RESOURCES:  information, booklets, DVDs, film reviews ….
  • SOCIAL ISSUES:  multi-faith action for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
  • WORLD RELIGIONS: general introductions to world religions and basic information on Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, including sections on interfaith relations. 

We thank Catholic Communications of the Archdiocese of Sydney for designing the Columban IRD website and making access to the many resources so user-friendly.  

Visit; save it in your favourites; refer to it regularly to learn about and then practise interreligious dialogue in your own situation.

The Columban IRD website is where Columbans “dialogue about dialogue”.  We invite you to listen in to our conversation and to contribute your comments through the “Contact Us” facility.  


Please help the Columbans promote the teaching, practice and attitude of interreligious dialogue in the church and wider society by sharing the link,, with your family, friends, colleagues and interfaith activists and organisations – through e-mail, e-news, websites and posting on Facebook and other social media.  You might like to use or adapt the following text:

New Columban Interreligious Dialogue Website

The Missionary Society of Saint Columban has launched, a new website on interreligious dialogue (IRD).  It contains a wealth of information on interfaith relations, conveniently grouped under menus, including latest news, Columban stories, teaching documents, multi-faith action on social issues, practical guidelines, resources and basic information on selected world religions. is a great resource on interreligious dialogue for all Catholics, Christians, believers from other religions and concerned citizens, especially teachers, students and interfaith activists. Learn how to grow relations with people of other faiths and to build a just, harmonious society based on mutual respect and understanding.  May believers from all religions collaborate together as sisters and brothers on our shared pilgrim journey in service of the coming Kingdom of God.