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Climate change is one of the greatest human rights challenges of our generation. It’s hurting vulnerable communities around the world, entrenching poverty and making hard lives harder.

Australians want strong climate action, yet our Government isn’t listening. It’s backing outdated policies that allow new coal mines, won’t keep our climate safe and puts vulnerable communities at great risk.

Right now we have a key opportunity to tell our politicians that people of faith want strong and urgent action for a safe climate. With your help, we’ll build the biggest multi-electorate climate petition in Australia’s history.

People petition about climate changeOur message will be loud and clear. One petition in one electorate might be possible to ignore. But over a hundred petitions in over a hundred electorates, presented to over a hundred MPs who are asked in turn to present their petition to the House of Representatives, from communities of faith who are seen as ‘unusual’ voices on climate? Impossible to ignore!

Getting involved is as simple as registering and gathering signatures from your friends and family or at your church or school. There are also opportunities to link in with other volunteers in your electorate and/or participate in a petition handover to your MP in August.

This is the largest ever faith-driven action on climate justice in Australia, supported by a coalition of faith-based organisations including the Columban Mission Institute.

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