ACRATH Campaign - Buy slavery-free chocolate

Weekend of April 13 & 14

Children in Africa are forced to pick cocoa beans - Photo: pexels.comWe cannot ignore the fact that there is as much slavery in the world today, as there was before, or perhaps more – said Pope Francis last month.

Australians spent around $210 million on Easter chocolate last year.  This year it will be about the same, or more. Companies will produce what we ask for. Please use your buying power and purchase slavery-free chocolate. You can make a difference to the world, and to the lives of the enslaved children who are forced to pick the cocoa beans used in a lot of chocolate.

Good news: Catholic agencies and institutions are leading the way in Australia in demanding slavery-free supply chains, including in the production of chocolate. Don’t leave it up to the big companies.


Action:  Please buy and eat only slavery-free Easter eggs and chocolate this Easter. Look for one of these three symbols on the chocolate wrapper and make a difference. Convert to slavery-free.

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