Pope Calls for Action on Climate Change

Pope Francis - Photo: softdelusion/bigstock.comPope Francis - Photo: softdelusion/bigstock.com

Pope Francis' address to the Meeting ‘Climate Change and New Evidence from Science, Engineering, and Policy’, organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Pope Francis on May 27, 2019, repeated his call for action to address climate change. His comments came at the Casina Pio IV in the Vatican, on the occasion of the Meeting “Climate Change and New Evidence from Science, Engineering, and Policy”, organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

“The signs today are not good. Investments in fossil fuels continue to rise, even though scientists tell us that fossil fuels should remain underground,” the Holy Father explained. “The International Energy Agency recently reported that investments in clean energy fell again for the second consecutive year, even though experts have consistently demonstrated the benefits to the human environment provided by clean energy from wind, sun, and water. We continue along old paths because we are trapped by our faulty accounting and by the corruption of vested interests. We still reckon as profit what threatens our very survival…The effects of global inaction are startling.”

The Pope proposed the following:

  • to value what is important, not what is superfluous;
  • to correct our national accounts and our business accounts, so as to stop engaging in activities that are destroying our planet;
  • to put an end to global dependency on fossil fuels;
  • to open a new chapter of clean and safe energy, that utilizes, for example, renewable resources such as wind, sun, and water;
  • above all, to act prudently and responsibly in our economies to actually meet human needs, promote human dignity, help the poor and be set free of the idolatry of money that creates so much

“It is my prayerful hope that, as stewards of the world’s finances, you will agree upon a common plan that accords with climate science, the latest in clean energy engineering, and above all the ethics of human dignity,” Francis told the group. “I ask you to invite your fellow finance ministers around the world to join your efforts and plans. May your work with scientists, technicians and the peoples of your nations, especially the poorest, achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.”

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