A journey to my dream

Francesco Pio tells us about his missionary dream - Photo: Francesco PioFrancesco Pio tells us about his missionary dream - Photo: Francesco Pio

Fijian Columban student Francesco Pio tells us about his journey to becoming a missionary priest.

My name is Francesco Pio, I am 28 years old was born in Fiji. My life growing up was very simple and our family home is located near the sea, where the breeze from the sea and the mountains blow. My favourite hobbies are gardening and fishing.

My call to the Columbans happened after the ordination of our second Fijian priest, Fr Teakare Betero.  I also admired the Columbans and the work they do in mission countries around the world.  I feel called because in life we encounter challenges but I know that God is always with me in every moment I live.

I hope that God will guide me along this vocation journey and bring me to the final goal of being ordained a Columban missionary priest, which is my dream.

My favorite subjects in my studies are the Old Testament and Philosophy. I find interest in these courses because it helps me find the truth about myself. I am developing my knowledge through reading stories about the church.

I am in my first year of formation in the Philippines. My formation life is enjoyable and interesting in a way that it is a big transition for me. I come from a different culture and now live and work with people of a different culture. This makes a lot of difference in my formation life and helps me to learn about another culture. I am very thankful for the journey I am embarking on.

Francesco Pio is currently studying in the Philippines.

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