Conveying our deep gratitude

Ba parish farewelled the Columbans - Photos: St Columbans Mission SocietyBa parish farewelled the Columbans - Photos: St Columbans Mission Society

A Tribute to the Columban Fathers and Lay Missionary’s who served the people of Ba

I have no doubt that the announcement of the departure of the Columban Fathers gripped Ba parish with a deep embrace of sadness and appreciation. The dawning realisation that the Columban Fathers will leave Ba, has somehow churned hearts, thoughts and memories.

Day in and day out, both in active ministry or retirement in Ba, the Columban Fathers fulfilled their priestly ministry in quiet fidelity and in a most rounded way. They were inspiring in witnessing to the love of God in self-sacrificing service and priestly ministry. In farewelling these group of resilient and faithful men, we will surely miss their humble way of making God present in every-day encounter. They truly took on the person of Christ – and made him present in their own inimitable way.

Always engaged, courteous, humble and kind, they touched many lives with civility and a wholesomeness and humanity that were noteworthy

They were a bunch of men fully immersed in the lives of the Ba people, of whom it could be said, – “smelled like the sheep entrusted to their care”. They were motivated always to give what was best for them. Their pastoral administration, preaching of the Word and priestly demeanour were always grounded in reality and stood in solidarity with God’s Holy People. As a Priest, I for one marvelled at the acuteness and prescience of their well prepared homilies.

I stand in solidarity with the people of Ba, acknowledging with prayerful gratitude the great contribution of the Missionary Society of St Columban which began their mission in Ba almost 72 years ago. We appreciate and praise the work of the Columban Missionaries who were at the forefront of teaching about reconciliation and justice, caring for the earth, our common home and pointing out how the poorest people of the world suffer most from the throwaway culture of greed and waste.

May God continue to bless these gladiators of our Christian Faith; they will surely be missed!

Fr. Pio Malotolu  has been installed as the New Parish Priest of Christ the King, Ba

Fr. Pio Malotolu  has been installed as the New Parish Priest of Christ the King, Ba. We wish to take this moment to convey our deep gratitude and Thanks to the Columban Fathers for the 70 years of their service with zeal and great commitment to Christ the King Parish.

Even words cannot fully express how great full and appreciative we are for the many life’s that you’ve touched through your loving service. It is our Prayers that the Good Lord will continue to shower you with His Divine Blessings.

To Fr. Pat Colgan and the Columban Fathers, Thank You, Thank You and Thank You very much.

Fr. Nimilote on behalf of the Archbishop and Diocesan Clergy of Fiji.

Fr Pat Colgan SSC at the mass for the installation of the new parish priest of Ba

Fr Pat Colgan SSC at the mass for the installation of the new parish priest of Ba



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