Columbans elect the New General Council and Columban Lay Missionary Central Leadership Team

New General Council and Columban Lay Missionary Central Leadership Team

From L to R Fr Young In Kim Gregorio, Fr Peter O’Neill, Kim Sun Hee, Sherryl Lou Capili, Fr Andrei Paz and Fr Salustino Villalobos Madrogon. Photo: St Columbans Mission Society

The  Columban General Assembly 2024, after separate processes of discernment, prayer and  “Conversations in the Spirit”, have elected the New General Council and Columban Lay Missionary Central Leadership Team for a period of 6 years. 

  • Society Leader - Fr Andrei Paz from La Union, Philippines and is missioned to the China Mission Unit. 
  • Society Vicar - Fr Peter O’Neill from Melbourne, Australia and presently the Regional Director of Oceania.
  • Second Councillor - Fr Young In Kim Gregorio from Korea and presently the Rector of the Korean Formation Program.
  • Third Councillor - Fr Salustino Villalobos Mondragon from Peru and presently assigned to the Taiwan Mission Unit. 
  • Columban Lay Missionaries Central Leadership Team (CLMCLT) Coordinator Sherryl Lou Capili from the Philippines
  • CLMCLT Member Kim Sun Hee from Korea.

Sherryl Lou Capili, new CLMCLT Coordinator and Kim Sun Hee, new CLMCLT member were elected at the CLMCLT International Meeting in Manila on 29 January – 9 February 2024.

The election of our first Society Leader from the Philippines is a historic moment in the history of the Society.

In his words of acknowledgement to the Assembly, Fr. Andrei thanked all those present for their trust in him and asked for their prayers, support and friendship. He said the Society was like “a boat” in which all our efforts are needed, working together as one.

Fr. Andrei is from the Philippines. He joined the Columbans in 1998 and was ordained a priest in 2009. He has since served in the Philippines, Taiwan and China.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whose Feast day we celebrated on Friday 7th June when the appointments took place, guide and strengthen the new team as they embark on this new chapter.

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