Jan 18, 2016
Columbans respond to the advice of Pope Francis.
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  House, but not home: Youth residential care

Dec 08, 2015
For Australian children in residential care, living in a building with a bed, a fridge and a television does not constitute a home. A home can be a slum or a tent if it is a place of genuine and unconditional love
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  From the Director - There is room at the inn

Nov 24, 2015
We know there is no room for most refugees in the First World; the barricades are going up, the minds and hearts of governments and some people have become hard. Still we will do what we can to welcome these people whom we call refugees.
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  Walkathon raises $12,000

Nov 17, 2015
The children of St Vincent's Primary along with parents and teachers, participated in a Walkathon which raised an amazing $12,000 for Chile in order to buy seeds, organize green houses, digging materials and a water system for the project.
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  From the Director - Christmas Appeal Message

Nov 12, 2015
In his Christmas message, Fr Gary Walker thanks Columban benefactors for “shining the light in the darkness” for those living in the province of Sindh Pakistan this Christmas.
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  Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew

Oct 30, 2015
In October this year, the Greek Orthodox Theological College in Sydney hosted a two day Symposium called The Earth is the Lord’s. It was a major Ecumenical event with over a hundred people attending from many traditions.
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  From the Director - The perennial presence of God

Oct 13, 2015
The pilgrimage, unlike a tourist jaunt, had a deeper dimension of placing our normal lives aside for a short time and listening to the ‘small voice’ of God as we visited holy places.
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  Pilgrimages are at the heart of major religions

Sep 21, 2015
Father Patrick McInerney, lecturer in Arabic and Islamics at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, walked the Camino for 50 days last year and felt a huge sense of achievement at the end of his 1000-kilometre journey.
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  From the Director - Money and mission

Sep 14, 2015
As Columban missionaries, we have been blessed to have benefactors who have supported us out of their relationship with God in Jesus. Generous hearts imitate what Jesus did himself. Their generosity flows out to others.
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  Columban Interreligious Dialogue Website

Sep 07, 2015
In a world too often convulsed by conflict, violence and terrorism—sometimes falsely associated with religion—dialogue is the best way to build relations...
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  Columban makes Adelaide home

Aug 31, 2015
St Columbans Mission Society priest Fr Daniel Harding SSC will be working across Adelaide parishes for the next year to promote the society's missionary work for the poor in 19 countries.
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  Grounding the Sacred

Aug 21, 2015
Rachael spoke on how engaging sacred texts often opens up spiritual pathways. She told of three people from different traditions who knew each other in Argentina – Pope Francis, a Rabbi and an Imam – and how they were led by their religious texts to grow.
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  Pope says "rules make us harsh judges"

Jul 21, 2015
"I see the church as a field hospital after battle.” We are to heal wounds, not to exacerbate them with our criticisms and demands.
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  From the Director - Australians set off on Columban pilgrimage

Jul 16, 2015
We will follow the trail that St Columban and his band of monks travelled from Ireland to France, to Austria, to Switzerland and over the Alps to Bobbio, Italy.
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  Pope Francis’ Inspiring Vision

Jul 07, 2015
Written by Fr Noel Connolly this book contains 10 reflections on Pope Francis' The Joy of the Gospel (Apostolic Exhortation, 'Evangelii Gaudium').
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  Rediscovering the Spiritual in God’s Creation

Apr 23, 2015
Pope John Paul II said, “Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.”
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  From the Director – From Privilege to Pauper

Apr 13, 2015
Recently Pope Francis invited us to get to know the poor, whoever they are. He asks us to treat them as persons and respect them. He prays that we might learn what they have to teach us.
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  From the Director - Easter video message

Apr 02, 2015
In his Easter message this year, Fr Gary Walker talks about the God of surprises. No-one expected that Jesus would be raised from the dead. That was the biggest surprise of all.
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  Feeling Smug: Practising What the Pope Preaches!

Mar 26, 2015
The Holy Father said, “Dialogue begins with encounter.” Well, I had invited Muslim guest lecturers, so that my students would encounter real, live, flesh-and-blood Muslims, not just hear about them in lectures or read about them in books.
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  From the Director - We are now well into Lent, how is it going?

Mar 20, 2015
In what is left of Lent, I am taking some time to recognise my shortcomings and be at peace with them by keeping my focus on the goodness of God. A scary option might be to ask someone who knows you well what your shortcomings are.
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