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  Easter Sunday is ‘full of holes’

Apr 12, 2020
We have a difficulty when we know from the Lord himself that his forgiveness of us is connected to our forgiveness of others. This is a real battleground for people. Yet through these ongoing struggles, our relationship with our lovely God can deepen until goodness blossoms for us and in us.
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  Slavery-Free Easter

Apr 12, 2020
Almost half of all 152 million children victims of child labour are aged 5-11 years, according to a 2017 report by the International Labour Organisation. And a great many of these children are in the cocoa industry, picking the cocoa beans used to produce chocolate.
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  The Upper Room - A Holy Week and Easter Reflection

Apr 11, 2020
During Holy Week, though we cannot go out to church, whenever we eat and drink, we can ask Jesus to transform our dining room into the Upper Room through the gift of his presence. During the Easter season, whenever we feel anxiety and fear, we can invite the risen Christ to transform our Upper Room into…
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  Good Friday is a human holy time

Apr 09, 2020
The sight of these kneeling people kneeling in prayer is powerful, who knows what their memories and prayers are about?
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  Holy Thursday Reflection - We are unreservedly loved by God

Apr 08, 2020
When the disciples were together with Jesus to celebrate the Passover meal, before the meal he washed their feet, the action of a slave and told them to follow his example. Peter protested yet Jesus insisted that they do this, not as a ritual but from the heart to show their love for others. It is the…
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  Holy See and Australian Bishops respond to acquittal of Cardinal Pell

Apr 08, 2020
The Holy See and Australia’s bishops have welcomed the High Court’s decision to quash Cardinal George Pell's convictions, while also acknowledging the suffering of abuse victims.
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  Palm Sunday - What is his meaning today?

Apr 04, 2020
The people became a crowd for his arrival and they took palm branches and other greenery and laid it on the road for him to walk over. Have a blessed Palm Sunday.
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