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  Columbans celebrate Centenary in Brisbane

Oct 15, 2018
The Columban Fathers’ mission of spreading the Gospel message across the world has been honoured at a Mass to celebrate the order’s centenary.
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  A safety net for children

Oct 11, 2018
When the women of San Benito voiced their concern over their children’s future saying, “we have to do something about the young children, they are at risk", Columban Fr Edward (Ed) O’Connell and the Warmi Huasi team decided to do something.
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  Art Guide - October 2018

Oct 06, 2018
A Miracle of St. Sylvester (oil on panel, 1450s) by Pesellino, Francesco di Stefano (1422-57)
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  Story of a Columban who was killed in the Philippines

Oct 05, 2018
The story of Columban Fr Francis Vernon Douglas from New Zealand who was killed in the Philippines by Japanese soldiers in 1943
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  A Place to Call Home: 'Social Justice Sunday' Statement

Sep 30, 2018
The Australian Catholic Bishops' Social Justice Statement "A Place to Call Home", confronts Australia's growing homelessness and housing insecurity, affirms that secure housing is a human right and a public good, and draws inspiration from Jesus.
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  Youth PoWR 2018

Sep 25, 2018
Over 200 youth attended this year's Youth PoWR (Parliament of the World’s Religions) held in Sydney Olympic Park representing eight religious faiths.
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  Meet our new General Council

Sep 24, 2018
As the Missionary Society of St Columban begins its second century, a new General Council has just been elected at the General Assembly in Taiwan
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