Director's Christmas message

Dec 21, 2011
Columbans say thank you.
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  Situation in Mindanao since Typhoon "Sendong"

Dec 20, 2011
The city government has asked neighboring towns to send their fire trucks to help bring water to those in need.
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Dec 19, 2011
The nun noticed that Bilquis had a Bible with her and asked why she, a Muslim, should be reading the Holy Book of the Christians.
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  What Would Jesus Do?

Dec 16, 2011
What changes things isn’t a formula for getting "the right answer" but a willingness to stop and let yourself be challenged right to the roots of your being.
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  Silver for marathon man

Dec 13, 2011
In Pakistan Fr Dan became the centre of attention when he stripped down to running gear to run a marathon in Lahore.
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  Columban Calendars connect prisoners with God

Dec 09, 2011
The New Zealand Columban Mission reaches out this Christmas and donates 800 Columban Calendars to prisoners.
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  The needs of people struggling in a depressed economy

Dec 07, 2011
Justice groups start work on a ’common good’ platform for the 2012 U.S. elections.
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