From the Director - A Christmas Wish

Dec 24, 2012
Thank you for being part of Columban Mission in 2012. Your support makes new beginnings possible. Your generosity and commitment has made a difference.
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  New Evangelisation in the context of the Royal Commission

Dec 17, 2012
Because of our sins of omission in the area of sexual abuse of children, we are learning to be a more vulnerable and much less powerful Church.
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  Christmas in China

Dec 13, 2012
Fr Teddy Collins describes a busy, even frantic Christmas in China. A day of many cultures, nationalities and languages. The social and economic challenges facing families today.
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  Christmas in Korea

Dec 06, 2012
Now being Christmas, I could see how our community was small but beautiful, poor but rich in many ways and powerless but prophetic.
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  Mission Intention for December

Dec 05, 2012
That Christ may reveal Himself to all humanity with the light that shines ...
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  Christmas in Japan

Dec 03, 2012
How Japan has put meaning into Christmas for me.
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  Christmas in Myanmar

Nov 27, 2012
A Columban Sister shares with us her first Christmas in a far-off land.
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