From the Director - There is room at the inn

Nov 30, 2015
Our offer to accommodate some refugees will not be determined by their faith. The family may be Catholic or Muslim. In any case I am thrilled with this turn of events. Why wouldn’t we do this?
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  From the Director - The perennial presence of God

Oct 13, 2015
The pilgrimage, unlike a tourist jaunt, had a deeper dimension of placing our normal lives aside for a short time and listening to the ‘small voice’ of God as we visited holy places.
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  From the Director - Money and mission

Sep 22, 2015
As Columban missionaries, we have been blessed to have benefactors who have supported us out of their relationship with God in Jesus. Generous hearts imitate what Jesus did himself. Their generosity flows out to others.
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  From the Director - Is God doing somthing new?

Aug 14, 2015
Today we are still experiencing new ways of being Church. The Catholic Church is no longer a European Church, it is a global Church. Our own missionary society of Columban priests and sisters reflect great changes because we are now multicultural.
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  From the Director - In the Footsteps of St Columban

Jul 07, 2015
Next month I am accompanying a group of Columban supporters on a pilgrimage ‘In the Footsteps of St Columban' to commemorate the 1400th Anniversary of St Columban’s death. Our group is made up of 38 pilgrims...
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  From the Director - Humility the fine virtue

Jun 23, 2015
He owned nothing and was a truly humble man with a great sense of dignity and pride. His simple deep faith made him a beautiful man.
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  From the Director - Christ to the people

May 27, 2015
Sr Mary has been practicing mercy all her life as a Columban Missionary Sister and nurse. She is the human face of mercy. She is Christ's face of mercy and her touch is that of His hand.
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  From the Director - From Privilege to Pauper

Apr 13, 2015
Recently Pope Francis invited us to get to know the poor, whoever they are. He asks us to treat them as persons and respect them. He prays that we might learn what they have to teach us.
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  From the Director - We are now well into Lent, how is it going?

Mar 20, 2015
In what is left of Lent, I am taking some time to recognise my shortcomings and be at peace with them by keeping my focus on the goodness of God. A scary option might be to ask someone who knows you well what your shortcomings are.
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  From the Director - Written with a shaky hand

Jan 28, 2015
An increasing number of people donate online these days but I still receive letters written with a shaky hand. These letters are a cause for humility on my part and thanksgiving to our donors as well.
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