Fr Gary Walker SSC

Fr Gary Walker SSC

Fr Gary Walker SSC

Fr Gary Walker was elected Regional Director of St Columbans Mission Society for Australia and New Zealand in 2011. He commenced his initial three year appointment on the 23 November, 2011, the Feast Day of St Columban, and was re-elected for another three year term in 2014. Upon accepting his appointment, Fr Gary said one of the biggest challenges ahead will be "to engage young people in the missionary arm of the Church". Fr Gary also looks forward to working in collaboration with Lay People and other Congregations.

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  From the Director - Failure and trust in God

May 08, 2014
How does a person know that they are successful in doing God's work? Does it matter? Is it a concern to be a part of a 'successful' Church which is growing and going somewhere? Well yes, it is.
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  From the Director - The unexpectedness of Easter

Apr 04, 2014
Easter is an unexpected act of God bringing new life in the Resurrection of Jesus.
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  From the Director - My cup is full

Mar 05, 2014
Fr Leo had the wish to be buried in Peru. This was his ultimate commitment to the people of Peru.
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  From the Director - The mirror of our lives

Jan 24, 2014
We believe that God is present in these situation which brings an added challenge - we really have to be as respectful of the other as Jesus was. It is like looking into a mirror and the image reflected back is 'Jesus in me'.
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  From the Director - God became one of us

Nov 26, 2013
The Gospels relate that Jesus was born in a stable, there was no room at the inn. Today we know there is no room in the world for millions of people seeking a better life. Part of our human condition is that we are both merciful and merciless.
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  From the Director - The Spirit leads us

Oct 25, 2013
In this month of October, traditionally Mission Month, what can I possibly write about 'mission' that might inspire readers the way Pope Francis inspires me?
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  From the Director - World Youth Day is not over

Sep 12, 2013
World Youth Day 2013 is not over. A new phase of possibilities is opening up. Our task now as Columbans is to help provide a forum for pilgrims in which they can continue to ask and answer their questions on mission.
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