Fr Gary Walker SSC

Fr Gary Walker SSC

Fr Gary Walker SSC

Fr Gary Walker was elected Regional Director of St Columbans Mission Society for Australia and New Zealand in 2011. He commenced his initial three year appointment on the 23 November, 2011, the Feast Day of St Columban, and was re-elected for another three year term in 2014. Upon accepting his appointment, Fr Gary said one of the biggest challenges ahead will be "to engage young people in the missionary arm of the Church". Fr Gary also looks forward to working in collaboration with Lay People and other Congregations.

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  From the Director - Who will pray for me?

Nov 24, 2014
"I know I am dying and I don't think I will be here when you come back to work. But there is one thing I can do for you - when I meet Jesus I will give him your name."
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  From the Director - The dynamic of sending

Oct 16, 2014
That great action of sending which began with God the Father sending God the Son to our world, still continues today in the name of the Son across the world.
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  From the Director - Finding the human face

Sep 09, 2014
Jesus identifies the least of people with himself and we, followers of Christ, will be judged by our actions in regard to the least of our brothers and sisters. This is the game plan for us, not to lose 'the human face' of our brothers and sisters.
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  From the Director - Vocation is a mystery

Aug 25, 2014
The missionary vocation is mysterious like all vocations; we don’t have a vocation, it has us. The only other words worth writing are what so many missionaries experience: ’I received more than I gave’.
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  From the Director - "Houston, we have a problem"

Jul 14, 2014
The fact is that while the media reports both sides of the argument, the peer review of scientific journals clearly states that climate change is occurring.
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  From the Director - Breaking feasts out of their jackets

Jun 11, 2014
Our faith explains that when and where we see loving actions, we know God is present. We are all made in the image of God.
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  From the Director - Failure and trust in God

May 08, 2014
How does a person know that they are successful in doing God's work? Does it matter? Is it a concern to be a part of a 'successful' Church which is growing and going somewhere? Well yes, it is.
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