From the Director - Don’t feed your anger

Nov 16, 2011
Our society and especially our politics are becoming increasingly angry. There is real venom in our national debates about all the major issues, the need for a carbon price, refugees, and the economy.
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  From the Director - On the road to Portumna

Oct 12, 2011
The reason why this story appeals to me is because I am about to take a radical turn. This is my last Director’s Column.
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  From the Director - The Church in the modern world

Oct 12, 2011
We do not like authoritarian figures and we are intolerant of “God’s police”. Australians are suspicious of “Bible bashers” and preachers with "all the answer".
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  From the Director - Your people will be my people

Aug 10, 2011
Love is seamless and to exclude some undermines the quality of all our love. You cannot love just your friends and family, or fellow Australians or fellow Christians. Real love must reach out to all, especially disliked and victimised minorities.
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  From the Director - Seeing danger instead of difference

Jul 22, 2011
As a missionary I was struck by Gittins’ basic insight that in fearful situations emotional contact is always more powerful than rational argument.
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  From the Director - Pluralism as a value

Jul 13, 2011
At a time when many in the Church are concerned with uniformity and orthodoxy it is helpful to remember that the foundational book of our faith, the Bible, is a book full of pluralism.
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  From the Director - No earthly good

Apr 13, 2011
For us Christians, it is a gift but also a challenge, not only of the present but also of the future.
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  From the Director - What is religion for?

Mar 01, 2011
We missionaries go to peoples of other cultures and religions and proclaim our religion but without any understanding of what religion is.
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  From the Director - A God who ‘allows’ earthquakes

Feb 09, 2011
“How can you believe in a God that does not allow earthquakes?”
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