Fr Noel Connolly SSC

Fr Noel Connolly SSCFr Noel Connolly SSC

Fr Noel Connolly was Regional Director of St Columbans Mission Society for Australia and New Zealand from February 2006 to November 2011.


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  Remembering Family

Nov 05, 2008
One of my favorite scriptural passages is from St Paul’s second letter to Timothy. Paul, who is often such a dense and complex theologian, reveals his enormous pastoral love for Timothy.
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  Without the Holy Spirit?

Oct 14, 2008
About 35 years ago Fr Karl Rahner made the telling observation that “should the doctrine of the Trinity have to be dropped as false, the major part of religious literature could well remain virtually unchanged.”
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  What can we learn from ecology?

Sep 22, 2008
One of the strongest movements in the world in recent decades has been the ecological movement. It has changed the way many millions of people think and feel about our world.
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  Facing Evil And Maintaining Joy

Sep 09, 2008
For some time now Hugh Mackay has "credited" the growth of fundamentalism or the retreat into private spiritual worlds on the rate of change and the increasing number of complicated issues facing us in the modern Australia.
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