A Genetically Modified Poem

A Genetically Modified Poem

God gazed down on Earth at crops in the ground,
Vast fields with one species, no birds, beasts around:
“Mankind is meddling with my creation,
Blending genes from seeds with no relation
To wheat, corn or rye grains that I gave
To the world, to make bread, with seeds to save.”

GM seeds they are called, a bit of this,
Bit of that, mixing plant genes to miss
The disease, the insects and the birds,
Round-up resistance in wheat, eaten by herds,
Then to the next juicy slice of red meat
From our Sunday roast, the circle complete.

God knew of Monsanto’s sweet “golden rice”:
“Add the daffodil gene, it tastes quite nice,
Adds vitamin A to your diet, you see,
You must buy new seed every year at our fee,
Plus your Round-up, special tractor, sign here:
Break your contract we’ll sue you, the cost’s dear.”

God thought of the food he provided for us,
Full of flavour and goodness, planted, grown without fuss,
Each house with tomatoes, peas, beans and corn,
Faithfully tended and watered each morn.
No need to add vitamins, insects squashed with a thumb,
All seemed quite well, then, we all were made numb,
Blurred by science, by mis-information -
Seed companies now are running our nation.

Frances Coll                ©1-05-05

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