Mickie Daly's Diary - 1935

January, 1935
"Michael Daly, you cannot be trusted to ring a bell without breaking the tung out of it." I prayed to St. Joseph and St. Antony, but they would not come to my assistance. (read more)

April, 1935
I tried to be very polite at the table. I hope I was. Sometimes when I am in a hurry at my meals at home, my father calls me "a young barbearean." I ate slowly and I kept my lips closed. I didn't spill anything. (read more)

May, 1935
Thursday. Family history! I'm suffering for it. It is my own forlt. I was a big mug to go and tell Croftie all about the anishint glories of my family, I might have known he would not apreesheate the story (read more)

June, 1935
I wish I could be a saint. It must be great to die if you are a saint. Right into heaven! A non-stop fight. No landing in purgitory at all. (read more)

July, 1935
I find I grumble as much as ever, get as angry as ever, and hate the Daceys as much as ever. I find I am proud of myself because I don't tell lies. I wish a mirrikle would happen to me and I would be converted all at once. Like St. Paul. (read more)

August, 1935
To-day there was a misteerius parcel on my desk. It was addressed to me. I opened it very carefully. (read more)

September, 1935
A great day! What do you think? The postman brought me a big square envillope with 2 Chinese stamps in the corner-one brown and one green. (read more)

October, 1935
I was almost enjoying myself watching the pigins over my head, when Sister turned round suddinly and said: "Michael Daly, spell pigin?" I jumped. I did not know weather it was j or g. (read more)

November, 1935
I got such a frite to-day. I thort a teribble aftickshin had come upon me. Down our street lives a man who has a horse - a great, big, white draft horse. He drives it in a cart. Well, this afternoon, the man gave me a ride. (read more)

December, 1935
If my mother heard the insullting things the Butlers say about my appeerince, I believe she would go down and complane them to the Brothers. My father would laugh. But not my mother. I could not stand her going to complane. So I don't tell her all they say. (read more)

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