Mickie Daly's Diary, August 1935


To-day there was a misteerius parcel on my desk. It was addressed to me. I opened it very carefully. I thort something might jump up in my face, or some flower or powder squirt all over me. I expected some trick of this kind. But nothing did. A dilappidated old dickshinery came to light. Printed inside were these words:"Awarded to Michael Joseph Daly for being the worst speller in the world."

I was so engrowsist with the parcel that I forgot to listen to Sister Pawl, or to watch the Bleck Board. Soon I heard her pencil tapping and her voice saying: "Michael Daly, come to me-and bring with you whatever is engageing your attenshin."

I went out.

"This, Sister," I said.

She looked at the dilappidated old book and drew her lips down in disgusst,

"Where did you get it?"

"On my desk, Sister." I did not tell her what was written in it.

"Put it down and return to your place and pay attenshin."

So I put it on Sister's desk and went back to my place. Then she said: "Thomas Dacey, take this book to the insinerater." She wouldn't send me with it. Oh, no. Would not give me that bit of enjoyment.

Dacey took six minutes to do it-I timed him by the clock on Sister's desk. I would not have stretched it that much. Six minutes is a bit too hot. Sister Paul never said a word. Bet if it was me, she'd say, sarkasticilly: "Michael Daly, sinse when has the insinerater been removed? I thort it was in the
school playground."

Something like that.

And she'd close her eyes, as if to blot me out of her sight. I bet she would. I wish the Mac Gilla Padraigs were the hansumest men in Ireland insteed of the Dukes of Ormond. Sister Fawl might like to look at me, then-if I were hansum. But I suppose she wouldn't. I suppose she'd make an act of it and not look at me at all. Well-why can't she make acts and look at me, now? Even if I have red hair and freckils? Why can't she? I think it's a terrible thing to go and close your eyes at anyone, insinewating that they are so hideis .you cannot injure the sight of them. Wouldn't think a nun would do it, even if she is holey and not human.

I can't help it. I didn't make my hair red and put freckils all over my face. Did I?

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