Mickie Daly's Diary, July 1935


A clever man (an Irishman) said one time, in Parlermint House, London:

"I cannot spell myself. I cannot parse an English sentence."

Then he went on to talk of better things to be taught than spelling and parsing-about Catholic education. His name was Tim Heeley, and he was a brillyint man. So there you are! My father told me this.

It cheered me a good deal.

I might be a brillyint man someday. There's no sign of it yet; but there's tons of time.

I find I grumble as much as ever, get as angry as ever, and hate the Daceys as much as ever. I find I am proud of myself because I don't tell lies. I wish a mirrikle would happen to me and I would be converted all at once. Like St. Paul. And lots of other saints. But I've got to go on trying and trying, restling with myself and my forlts and bad habits. I have to go on trying to learn to love my naybor for God's sake.

Father Dale said that if we could know how much God loves us, we would be precious in each other's sight and there would be no quarrels or vilence or wars. We would not want to injure each other, because we would see we were injuring something belonging to God, something He values. Fighting for money and land and all that couldn't happen then.

Alass ! So many people do not think about God; so many do not know Him.

Catholics who do know Him act as if they didn't. Take me and Dacey for instinse. We should remember we belong to God-each one is precious in his sight because He created us and wants us. Neither of us thinks much about this trooth. We act-very often-like two young heathens or infidels or pagans who never learnt about God. We sertinly do not act like Christians.

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