Mickie Daly's Diary, June 1935


I suppose the Sister on the leper Island is very lonely sometimes away from all her family and away from the other nuns. All the same, even while she is sad and lonely and , disgusted at the awful work she has to do, her soul is at peece away up above everything, close to God, almost in heaven.

I'll tell you about a scene my father and I witnessed last week. We went for a long drive. In the afternoon we were on a quiet road among beautiful hills. The sun was behind the hills. There was a fence running along the top of one hill, just a rail fence with wire. The wire was shining like gold. There was a little gate. You would think you had just to open that gate and step right into the sky. My father drew my attenshin to it. "Look, Horis," he said, "that man seems close to heaven." There was a man's figure near the gate. "Watch," said my father.

We watched. The man opened the gate, passed through and vanished! You would just think he had walked into the sky or into heaven! . Of course, he had followed the path down the hill and was lost to our sight .

The little Sister's soul is like that, far away above everything, even while she is tending the leppers and bandidging their lothsum sores, she is at the gate, looking into heaven. But she cannot open the gate until death comes. When death comes to the little Sister, he will open the gate and will step right from the leper island into heaven. Oh, what a difference for her.

Jings! I wish I could be a saint. It must be great to die if you are a saint. Right into heaven! A non-stop fight. No landing in purgitory at all. But the best part of being a saint must be knowing that you have not disappointed God; that you pleased Him all the time, and became everything He wanted you to be.

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