Mickie Daly's Diary, October 1935

That afternoon Sister had to go round to the rooms to visit the classes. Once a week she goes visiting like this. Generally another Sister takes our class, but sometimes she leaves us on our own with plenty of work to do. Plenty. She's generous giving away work. After Sister had set all the work she said: "Michael Daly, you cannot be trusted. Follow me. Bring your spelling list with you."

At the door I turned and looked back. I gave Dacey a murdrous look-a battle-axe look!

It was a dredful ordeel, following Sister about. In all the rooms the children knew I was in punishment. They knew I was not going with Sister just for company for her. It was very humilleeating for me, going into the Infants' Room. My father called it the refinement of torchure, when I told him about it.

The Kindergarten is a room on its own. We had to go down the playground and across the grass. I laged behind Sister. I was almost enjoying myself watching the pigins over my head, when Sister turned round suddinly and said: "Michael Daly, spell pigin?" I jumped. I did not know weather it was j or g, so I took a sporting chance and said: "P I J I N, Sister."

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