Mickie Daly's Diary - 1922/23

Chapter 1 - Enter Teddy!, October 1922
"You can repay it-by saving it ­and putting it in the Mite Box," said Father. "If you had come home in a proper time, this would not have occurred." (read more)

Chapter 2 - Shamie's Treasure, November 1922
"Look! look! Mick, Mack!" Teddy was holding up something: the sun shone on it, and little specks of it sparkled. "It's gold!" (read more)

Chapter 3 - Angie's Power (Part 1), December 1922
 "Wish we could fly over," Teddy said, "I'd take them the pudding. It's a knock-out pudding, all right!" (read more)

Chapter 3 - Angie's Power (Part 2), January 1923
Angie smiled. "Yes," she said gently; "won't it be beautiful to be in Heaven? I wish you could come with me. Shall I ask God to let you?" (read more)

Chapter 4 - Aer-o-planes, February 1923
Mick looked round with a challenging eye; he seemed to think everyone in the room except Mack deserved punishment. (read more)

Chapter 5 - The rich old man (Part 1), March 1923
His thoughts still ran on gold, gold, gold. But Brother Patrick had said prayer is the best gold; it is God's gold, and it buys treasures that earthly gold cannot. (read more)

Chapter 5 - The rich old man (Part 2), April 1923
The whole world seemed suddenly struck dumb; not a leaf stirred in the vast garden, all nature seemed shocked, and Teddy realised what a terrible thing he had said. (read more)

Chapter 5 - The rich old man (Part 3), May 1923
Naughty Teddy replied: "You are an extraordinary old man, the most extraordinary I have ever met, and I'm glad I don't know any others like you. Good-bye." (read more)

Chapter 6 - (Part 1), May 1923
Miss Chester could not know Angie without knowing the "Far East," too, and since she was too old to be a Little Missionary, she said she would be a Big Sister Missionary to the little ones. (read more)

Chapter 6 - (Part 2), June 1923
"You have an-er-extraordinary little son. He'll make his mark in the world. Ah -" His smile faded, his old face grew hard and bitter, as Dr. Chester came in sight. (read more)

Chapter 7 - Mick rebels, June 1923
Mick's temper was done. He stared at Mack's poor, burnt hand. "Oh, Mary - look - he's burnt. Quick! Tell Mother, Get oil or something. (read more)

Chapter 8 - The secret, July 1923
And you are the best brother in the world, and I'll never get wild with you again, no matter what secrets you have."
"I'll never have another secret from you, Mick." (read more)

Chapter 9 - Teddy's adventure (Part 1), Sep 1923
"I think Teddy has run away!" Mother sank down on a hall chair, and Father asked quickly: "Why? Why do you think so?" (read more)

Chapter 9 - Teddy's adventure (Part 2), October 1923
"Did your father get left behind?" "He wasn't my father! My father is worth a million like that cow." The old lady looked horrified. (read more)

Chapter 10 - Who's for China?, November 1923
"Teddy is the eldest son, and perhaps he was a little too much inclined to think he knew much more than the others." she acknowledged, "but he has been so good lately, poor Teddy, especial­ly since - ’’ (read more)

Chapter 11 - The end, December 1923
"Oh, Mother, Dad - look!" she cried, in a voice of wonder. She held out her little thin arms, and with a sigh of love, of content, sank back into -Dad's arms. (read more)

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