Mickie Daly's Diary - 1932

Extract 1 from Mickie Daly's diary, March 1932
Mum said that the brothers will wake me up, that the Sisters are too gentle with me. She does not know how sivear Sister Paul is. But I know. (read more)

Extract 2 from Mickie Daly's diary, April 1932
Wish I hadn't bought a thripenny ice cream. It was greedy. All for myself. I should have bought 3 little penny ones, and given one to Morrie and one to Dickie, and one to myself. (read more)

Extract 3 from Mickie Daly's diary, May 1932
When I grow up I hope I shall be a priest, and I'll go to China to spread the Faith. And if there is a persequishon there, I hope God will help me to be a martir. (read more)

Extract 4 from Mickie Daly's diary, June 1932
Pray for me please, dear Father, and I'll pray for you. Do not tell anyone the Secret. I am, Your loving, MICHAEL JOSEPH DALY. (read more)

Extract 5 from Mickie Daly's diary, July 1932
The priest said the "Our Father" in Chinese for us, and it sounded so funny, we laughed. Sis­ter Pawl's face looked terrible, so we tried to stiffle our laughter. (read more)

Mickie Daly's Diary, August 1932
Sister Allerwishes told us a story about the Mission priests amongst the Indians up in the ice and snow of Canada. It was great. But I think I'll stick to the poor old Chows. (read more)

Mickie Daly's Diary, September 1932
“He's gone mad," Rosie Moran called out, "Mickie Daly’s gone mad. He'll kill them! We’ll have to get a perleesman." (read more)

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