Christmas and Eucharist

Utterly central to our faith, the Eucharist gets five lines repeated, but not so in John. Only one of the three define the cup He chose to reach out for: The cup of Elijah, the cup reserved, untouchably so in the Paschal meal, “the” Messiah's cup, and He picked it up. (Lk 22:19)

And said: This in mine! This is me! This is who I am, what I am! This is why I came! A gesture that, had they understood, blew the apostles out of the mists. A gesture way too much to cope with or to make sense of that side of the resurrection.

Bread for all! And this in recognition of our need of Him in our lives, not as saints, but as the sinners we are.

(Source: Columban Fr Leo Donnelly)