Jesus is overcome with fear and distress

Lord, we watch with you and pray, lest we enter into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Taking Peter, James and John You go further into the garden. Sudden fear comes over you, And great distress.
Now is the time of agony of darkness and gloom (Zp 1:14).

Jesus takes Peter, James and John into the gardenYour heart is stricken within you, trembling and fear fall upon you, horror overwhelms you (Ps 54). You ask the three disciples to wait there and keep awake.

Lord, I am so slow to learn from you, To learn to love and not to fear you. For you faced your fear for my sake, not to punish me, or condemn me, but to take my punishment on yourself. Lord, be with me in time of temptation. Help me to remain faithful to you, For you are faithful to me, even unto death.

(Source: ‘We Watch with the Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane’ © The Prayer Trust.)