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  Our daily bread

Jul 30, 2018
Give us, dear Lord, not only the daily food that nourishes our bodies to sustain us in this life but give us the spiritual food that sustains us to eternal life.
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  Lord, take away my fear

Jul 23, 2018
I’m afraid of my own reactions, to people and things. At times I feel so insecure.
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  When the day’s a struggle

Jul 16, 2018
Some days at work can be a real struggle and make me wonder what I’m doing with my life, fixed in the weekly grind.
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  Show me the way

Jul 02, 2018
Lord, you are the Way. Lead me along the right path. Show me the way to our heavenly home.
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  You love us in our work

Jun 25, 2018
For this work done so lovingly for us, the hardest job of all, I thank you, Lord.
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  Help me to take heart

Jun 18, 2018
Help me in my fear, my lack of heart. Help me to follow you in spite of all my misgivings. Lord, help my unbelief!
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  Lord, bless my time at work

Jun 12, 2018
Bless me with health and strength to be able to work each day; Bless me with endurance when I’m finding the day hard;...
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