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  Lord, kindle our lamps

Apr 30, 2018
Lord, kindle our lamps, that we may ever shine in your presence, and always receive light from You, the Light Perpetual, so that our own personal darkness may be overcome, and the world’s darkness driven from us.
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  The Grace to move on

Apr 23, 2018
With all our strivings, with all the energies we put into life, with all the busyness of each day we don’t seem to have time to reflect on our lives.
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  When it's hard to face others

Apr 16, 2018
Lord, there are days when I just don’t want to face others, and all the demands they can make, days when I feel all knotted-up inside and I just want to hide away.
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  Facing the day’s work

Apr 09, 2018
Lord, Help me as I get ready to face the day’s work, and all its challenges, all its pressures on time,...
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  Lord, we rejoice in You

Apr 04, 2018
And how much more the joy we have, Lord, when we receive your forgiveness.
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  Father, forgive them

Mar 26, 2018
Like the son who squandered your gifts, yet humbly returned seeking forgiveness, may I be truly sorry for my waywardness, and I give you thanks that in spite of all my failures, I can still call you Father.
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  Come, Share With Me

Mar 19, 2018
Lord, You shared with us so willingly when you came among us in this world.
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