Praise Your Greatness

Jul 01, 2019
You live in unapproachable light and are invisible, yet You are known to all those who seek You with hope and love.
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  Spread Your Beauty

Jun 24, 2019
I adore You for all the works of Your hands, that reveal to me so much wisdom, goodness and mercy, O Lord.
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  Your people’s joy

Jun 03, 2019
May her prayer, the gift of a mother's love, be Your people's joy through all ages.
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  The Joy of Mercy

May 06, 2019
O Mother, intercede for us, that the fruits of this Year will not be lost and that the seeds of grace will grow to the full measure of the holiness to which we are all called.
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  Your loving care

May 01, 2019
Blessed are You, Lord God, ruler of all creation and Father of us all: we praise You for Your loving care.
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  Summer warmth reveals life

Feb 25, 2019
The summer warmth reveals life to the full. We rejoice at signs of growth in plants, animals and people. We have time to renew relationships with family and friends.
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  Redeemer of the human race

Jan 28, 2019
Redeemer of the human race
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