Fill my spirit with light filled grace

Mar 18, 2019
Forgiving God, help me to embrace the Sacrament of Reconciliation this Lent.
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  Forty Days to change

Mar 10, 2019
But may these 40 days of Lent be for us a time of change for the better, a time of renewal in our lives
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  Father, forgive them

Mar 26, 2018
Like the son who squandered your gifts, yet humbly returned seeking forgiveness, may I be truly sorry for my waywardness, and I give you thanks that in spite of all my failures, I can still call you Father.
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  Come, Share With Me

Mar 19, 2018
Lord, You shared with us so willingly when you came among us in this world.
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  Royal purple, fine feasting

Mar 14, 2018
Lord, it’s so easy in our world today to lose sight of the real meaning of our existence, to lose sense of you, our living and true God.
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  Into the Spirit of Lent

Feb 19, 2018
Lord, as we enter into Lent may we strive each day to deepen our friendship with you so as to make this a time of your grace, a season of your favour.
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  A Prayer For Lent

Feb 08, 2018
This Lent, Lord, help me leave behind the distractions of my daily life and make this a time of spiritual retreat...
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