Unjust Genes: life and death for sale

Unjust Genes raises faith based questions about problems with Genetically Modified (GM) crops and food. The Federal Agricultural Minister Tony Burke believes in GM on the promise of producing more food in an era of rapid climate change (ATSE Crawford Fund address 3 Sept 08). The Australian group Concerned Farmers fears its negative economic impact on farming incomes. Mothers worried about the ill effects of untested GM foods on the health of their children have formed MADGE. Heath scientist Dr. Judy Carmen calls for publicly available scientific tests on GM products and clearer labeling laws. The seed supply of farmers in developing countries is coming under the control of biotech companies through patenting laws. PR campaigns lobby for the commercial go ahead for GM crops throughout Australia. The WA government is resisting. Based on justice principles, Unjust Genes helps discussion on the complex but crucial issue of GM technology.

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