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  Spare a thought - No easy call

Sep 29, 2009
“Forgive and forget” is not a biblical concept. Neither is the familiar Western image of justice as “a blind women with scales” a good fit with the Biblical image of justice.
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  That is where you belong

Sep 28, 2009
Others feel it more honest to give up religion because it would be hypocritical of them to go to church.
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  The Music of what happens

Sep 28, 2009
Most of us live lives, maybe not of quiet desperation, but ones that are ordinary, unspectacular. Many want to escape and avidly soak up details of the lives of others, especially the rich and famous.
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  The scandal of grace

Sep 28, 2009
His bitterness rises like bile and the image of the good and dutiful son cracks as resentment pours out of him. The unfairness of it. He has worked so hard all these years, sweated his life out, managed the property - and for what?
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  My first months as an old person

Sep 17, 2009
The role of `being a priest' had often blinded me to seeing my real self. Seven years training to become a priest, followed by years of trying to be a good one. Read more

  Reflection - Life is difficult

Jul 17, 2009
We will not find it easy. Anger, resentments, depression at our change of fortune will at times almost drown us.
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  Bridging the Divide

Nov 05, 2008
The mood in our country, USA, is certainly different from what we have grown accustomed to in previous years. Thanks to modern news media, millions of us were witnesses to indelible images that overwhelmed our capacity to make sense of what we saw as the World Trade Centre was destroyed. We are left…
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