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  Entering the Spiritual Domain

Jul 23, 2015
The contemplative dimension of mission raises the question for us: “Am I drawn to experiences of the living God?”
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  Who am I to judge?

Jun 24, 2015
God judges no one; God punishes no one. God condemns no one to hell. We do these things to ourselves: We judge ourselves, we punish ourselves, and we put ourselves in various forms of hell whenever we choose not to live inside God’s spirit.
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  Too big to cry

May 23, 2015
It all began at age 28, when I started Japanese language school in Tokyo as a Columban priest. Then at age 41, it was the Fijian language programme in Suva. And at age 52, now I was on my way to the first day of Italian studies in Florence, Italy.
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  A funeral in Japan

Apr 23, 2015
After death there is the solemn transferral of the body into the coffin. This small but important rite is done in the home. The priest blesses the body which is laid out on a strong cloth...
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  Christ dying, Christ rising in the Peruvian Andes

Mar 24, 2015
It is a vast splash of colour, full of figures and events. From a distance it is a blur, but up close you see the details of all the activities typical of an isolated Peruvian mountain village.
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  Dancing for Mary

Jan 15, 2015
"I like to dance to show publicly my faith and as I dance, I pray that Mary will bless all young people and that they will have the chances we have had to know her son, Jesus."
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  Christmas - Just another day for some

Dec 22, 2014
The picture of Joseph going from door to door, desperately begging shelter because Mary was in labour, has always struck a poignant chord in the Christmas story.
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