From the ashes

Dec 22, 2009
Often there is a style of living that emerges from the experience that becomes a defining characteristic of the person and a feature of them that other people notice and respond to.
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  The triumph of commerce

Dec 03, 2009
Having choked the spiritual meaning out of Christmas in the Western world, it now offers this blatantly commercial product to China and causes the Chinese to ask, ‘What is the Christmas story?’
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  God breathes in the darkness

Dec 03, 2009
The feast of Christmas is calling us to live anew the mystery of the Incarnation in our lives. It's calling us to become centres of creative energy, to breathe new energy into our war-torn world...
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  Mission: An unfinished story

Nov 13, 2009
The gift of the artist’s is often to awaken us & invite us to look again at the familiar and see it anew. The new cross at Sacred Heart does this by the way it hints at the ribs of Jesus.
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