Old story always new

Nov 22, 2016
Joseph got up, took the child and his mother, and left that night for Egypt, where they stayed until the death of Herod. (Mt: 2.14)
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  A great welcome for ourselves

Oct 12, 2016
As missionaries we are called to be with people, patiently waiting to discern with them what the Spirit is calling us all to.
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  Being a priest is a grace, not a privilege

Sep 13, 2016
Two newly ordained Columban priests in Chile, Rafael Ramírez and Gonzalo Bórquez, share their missionary insights.
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  Pope Francis - A Church "called to form consciences"

Aug 15, 2016
Pope Francis is confident that we can trust the consciences of the faithful. God wants to help us all make good decisions.
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  A missionary journey

Jul 13, 2016
Fr Gerry Neylon shares with The Far East magazine his missionary journey over 43 years in three different Columban missions.
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  Letter from Lima

Jun 10, 2016
Melbourne born and raised, Columban Fr Bernard Lane has worked for many decades in Lima, Peru. We publish below excerpts from his 2016 Easter letter written at the beginning of April which was sent to family and friends.
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  Shusaku Endo, the silence of God, the presence of God

May 04, 2016
Endo maintains that it is the human experience of weakness and failure in our lives that can give us new depth in understanding Jesus and Christianity.
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  Late for school

Apr 12, 2016
No bread, no lunch, no money - a daily occurence
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  The Lord is Risen

Mar 30, 2016
Our Lenten journey is coming to an end. Our feet are being washed, we are sharing the bread, we are walking with our weary Lord the bloody steps to Calvary. Did we really shout 'Crucify him!'?
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  Why is that day called 'Good' Friday

Mar 07, 2016
I was often invited by head teachers of primary schools to explain to their students the meaning of 'Good' Friday and Easter Monday, since both were public holidays
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  Lent - A time of hope

Feb 23, 2016
Hope is not a product, you can’t buy it. Hope is a word we sometimes throw around a lot. We often say that we live in hope or that we hope for the best.
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  Equality in God's house

Feb 01, 2016
Pope Francis recently said that we Christians promote “a humanity for which every foreign country is a homeland and every homeland is a foreign country.”
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