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  Reflection - Standing near the cross

Apr 08, 2019
Each of us has stood near the cross at particular moments in our lives. We know this place well.
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  Lenten Reflection - I’m fortunate to have everything that I need here

Mar 15, 2019
After a moment of silence Fr. Paul looked around his small room and responded, “I’m fortunate to have everything that I need here. Think about all those refugees who have to leave their homes and don’t know where they are going.
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  Reflection - Snake-bitten

Mar 12, 2019
Everything is of one piece. Whenever we don’t take that seriously, we pay a price.
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  Reflection - A case of snow breaking ‘the ice’

Feb 01, 2019
Last year in New Zealand the theme for Social Justice Week was “Enabling Communities: Everyone has a part to play”. It placed a special focus on the disabled.
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