Reflection: The Nativity of the Lord

Dec 22, 2020
Christmas Time is a wonderful time. We hear the same songs and hymns again and again but we love them. They belong to Christmas and make the spirit of Christmas grow in our hearts. ‘Silent Night’ is one of the quintessential songs of Christmas.
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  Reflection: The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Dec 22, 2020
This is a demanding and awkward scenario but we understand that God does great things only with people who say ‘yes’ unconditionally. God requires their assent. Then nothing is impossible for God.
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  Reflection: Fourth Sunday of Advent - The plan unfolds according to God’s own purpose and design.

Dec 20, 2020
Nothing is impossible to God. These are challenging words. We immediately think ‘then why doesn’t He fix things and give women children who are desperate for them? This is a point where a distinction keeps us from getting side-tracked.
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  Reflection: Third Sunday of Advent - God has called you and he will not fail you

Dec 12, 2020
The readings lift our spirits. At the same time, we are conscious of the shadows that lurk in waiting for the appropriate time to try to diminish the light of the ‘blessed’ people involved.
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  Reflection: Second Sunday of Advent - Prepare a way for the Lord

Dec 05, 2020
John the Baptist is not described as affiliated with any religious group, he was the son of a priest who sacrificed in the temple in Jerusalem but he did not do so himself.
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  Reflection: First Sunday of Advent - ‘Maranatha’- Come Lord Jesus!

Nov 28, 2020
God is portrayed as a shepherd who cares for his flock. In the first reading, we have God described as a potter who shapes us. We are the clay in his hand. These are positive images of God. We, call out to God to shape us, make us the works of his hands.
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  Reflection: The feast of Christ the King

Nov 21, 2020
The people who are condemned by the just judge are somewhat disingenuous when they are confounded by their sentence. Their decision to ignore the needy is their downfall. They became used to living in a dishonourable way and did not ‘see’ those in need.
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  Reflection: 33rd Sunday of the Year - Parables intrigue us

Nov 14, 2020
The Jewish people at that time understood the economy as one in which all the money and goods that existed were already present. No capitalism, no idea of ‘making’ money.
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  Reflection: 32nd Sunday of the Year - I will wait until ‘later’

Nov 07, 2020
The scriptures, especially the Wisdom literature has a strong theme of being wise or being foolish; of being prepared to meet the Lord, or ill prepared. Are we on our toes or not?
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  Reflection: 31st Sunday of the Year - Feast of All Saints: God is in the ordinary

Nov 01, 2020
The feast of All Saints: we honour those who are named saints in the liturgical calendar of the Church and the unnamed saints who belonged to our families, or people we worked with or who we knew.
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  Reflection: 30th Sunday of the Year - Which is the greatest commandment of the Law?

Oct 25, 2020
Today as much as in the time of Matthew, leaders in faith are to follow the pattern of Jesus himself who came to serve and not be served. It is not God who needs to be defended by rules but the widows, orphans and strangers – God’s people.
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  Reflection: 29th Sunday of the Year - Caesar’s’ and God's

Oct 18, 2020
On the one hand, we have obligations to participate in civic life across the spectrum of society. On the other hand, we have the tenets of our faith to uphold and to be translated into thought and action in our political and social life.
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  Reflection - The controversy of Mickie Daly

Oct 12, 2020
From New Zealand, Columban Fr Pat O’Shea writes a reflection on the controversy of Mickie Daly. This is a fascinating read that demonstrates the impact Mickie Daly had on his readership.
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  Reflection: 28th Sunday of the Year - All are invited.

Oct 10, 2020
We are a global church with rich and poor, especially poor; but we believe we are welcome into the kingdom because Jesus has made it clear. All are invited.
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  Reflection: 27th Sunday of the Year - The vineyard and its keepers

Oct 03, 2020
There is the question of leadership, Jesus said the vineyard would be taken away from the leaders because they missed their opportunity and therefore many people who trusted them missed their opportunity.
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  Reflection: 26th Sunday of the Year - Actions speak louder than words

Sep 27, 2020
Neither response is right or wrong but two different responses to the father’s request. The heart of the matter is to do the will of the father.
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  Reflection: 25th Sunday of the Year - The back of the line

Sep 19, 2020
The owner stands his ground and asks the question which is key: why are you so full of envy because I am generous? The owner may act as an employer or as a patron as he wishes. The workers receiving their just wage are now dissatisfied with the owner and envious of the latecomers.
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  Reflection: 24th Sunday of the Year - Forgiving is a difficult decision

Sep 13, 2020
An unforgiving heart is one which is closed to the presence of the Holy Spirit. How extraordinary are those who forgive their perpetrators the evil they have done. The presence of God is seen and felt powerfully in those who forgive from the heart.
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  Reflection - Beams of love

Sep 07, 2020
In the Reflection, Beams of love, Columban Sr Abbie O'Sullivan tells of how our love for God is present in everyday life and how our love for God may shape our love for others.
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  Reflection: 23rd Sunday of the Year - Where two or three are gathered

Sep 05, 2020
Perhaps we need to take conflict resolution seriously? We need to learn how to argue and disagree with one another in the Church and come to conclusions that are worthy of the people who make up the community.
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