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  The Magi

Dec 01, 2011
The Magi came from the East bringing gifts and worshipped the Child.
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  The Example of True Friendship

Nov 04, 2011
When Jesus had that last meal of friendship with his disciples he knew what would happen to him.
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  The Greatest Miracle

Oct 03, 2011
In that tree-sheltered grassy olive grove, thousands had gathered; men and women, rich and poor, upper, middle, and lower class, the sick, the blind, the disabled.
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  Walk in the light

Sep 06, 2011
Let us give thanks for the people whose inner light is beautiful.
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  The bottom line of mission

Aug 26, 2011
What was once a one way process with the North sending personnel and funds and the South receiving them has now become a process of mutual exchange between local churches.
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  Darkness that nurtures

Jul 08, 2011
Darkness and light are both important in the rhythm of our lives.
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  A culture of blame

Jun 30, 2011
What governs human behavior is not what befalls us but how we perceive what happens.
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