I want to know what love is

Nov 15, 2012
The dead will rise and everything in our lives will be brought out into the open and laid bare. The deepest truth of our lives will become apparent.
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  Making mission month count

Oct 11, 2012
Mission Month is a time to raise awareness of the role of mission in our lives, in our schools and in our parishes. Here are some suggestions that may assist you during Mission Month.
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  Tongue control

Sep 19, 2012
How easy it is for any one of us to fall into the way of gossip!
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  The path is made by walking

Jul 27, 2012
Each day, life silently poses questions to us about our path: “Who are you exactly?” "What is important to you?" "What do you believe in?"
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  Eucharist and community

Jun 20, 2012
The poor live from day to day. They have a unique capacity for celebrating the present moment, precisely, because the future is always uncertain.
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  Are you a Bartimaeus?

May 30, 2012
To tell people, “Pray and the problem will go away” isn’t gospel ministry. That would be like the crowd in Jericho telling Bartimaeus to keep silent.
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  Les Misérables

May 02, 2012
I find myself thinking about connections between the weather, depression and the musical "Les Misérables". Many people talk about the effect weather has on our spirits...
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  A small footstep

Apr 19, 2012
When I meet my Maker, I want to be empty-handed because I want to have used every gift God has given me. When I die I want to leave nothing behind except a footprint that might help others.
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  Faith is stronger than fear

Apr 19, 2012
Minorities in Pakistan like Christians, are really persecuted. At present time two women stand accused of blasphemy. One has already been sentenced to death, the other’s case is still in process.
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  Courage to live a Lent

Mar 21, 2012
Xiao’s struggle is a Lenten story that has become an Easter story, a fast that turned into a feast, a long journey that ended in freedom and a near death that heralded a resurrection.
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  Diving Deeper

Feb 13, 2012
When we pray, what we are doing is trying to get below the surface appearance and dive deeper into the mystery of life and of God.
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  There's a crack in everything and the light gets in

Jan 25, 2012
Listening to a Muslim speak about Ramadan helped me look to Lent and its practices in a new way.
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  World Day of Peace

Jan 17, 2012
Pope Paul VI chose the first day of the civic year as a way of opening a dialogue between the message which comes from the Gospel of Jesus and the structures of the world.
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  The Magi

Jan 17, 2012
The Magi came from the East bringing gifts and worshipped the Child.
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