Be Ready

Nov 27, 2013
No one wants to be overwhelmed by 'if only' feelings on their death bed. If only I had been kinder; if only I had let go of resentments and forgiven people; if only I had been more concerned...
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  Message of Pope Francis

Oct 31, 2013
Missionary spirit is not only about geographical territories, but about peoples, cultures and individuals, because the "boundaries" of faith do not only cross places and human traditions, but the heart of each man and each woman.
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  "God save us from gloomy saints!”

Sep 30, 2013
“I’ve no time to pray,” is the complaint of many hard-working, multi-tasking men and women of today. Read St Teresa.
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  Lazarus at our Gate

Sep 11, 2013
Twenty percent of the world's poorest people live in countries near Australia. This means that in our region, Australia is the rich man and Lazarus is at our gate.
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  The power of being powerless

Aug 13, 2013
“What is the hardest thing about working with people in poverty?” The question stumped me a bit and made me think...
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  Questioning ourselves about Mission?

Jul 29, 2013
Where does that leave us as Church with our rich tradition of concern for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation...
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  Day after day we see again

Jun 19, 2013
I have often heard you speak of the 'barrio' and I have seen photos that you have shown us at home, but now I have a different understanding of what these words mean to you.
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  Each age has its tools for evangelisation

May 20, 2013
Why should we and the Church make the effort to learn and use language and its tools? The same reason that Jesus told parables and that St. Paul wrote letters, so that the audience can meaningfully hear it.
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  Columbans welcome Pope Francis

May 13, 2013
Fr Kevin O'Neill, Superior General of the Missionary Society of St Columban, speaks about how Pope Francis' words give visible and tangible expression.
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  Do you believe in the resurrection?

Apr 08, 2013
Do you believe in the resurrection? was the question Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane was asked on ABC Radio. Here is the transcript from his homily.
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  The Last Supper

Mar 26, 2013
The meal of bread and wine, The Last Supper, the Eucharist, is much more than a farewell party, more than a religious rite and more than a religious obligation.
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  Suicides in Japan and God's gentleness

Jan 24, 2013
I have just come from a very emotional funeral of a young 18 year old girl who committed suicide. I write this after sharing with the distraught parents and realize that I too need to share with someone.
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