A Catholic Season of Creation – Sundays of September (Year C)

"A Catholic Season of Creation" resource explores the Sunday scripture readings to help us find the voice of the earth as the voice of the Holy Spirit. Our common Sunday worship is an easy place to start seeing the natural world in God’s plan of Salvation in Jesus Christ by linking the insights of ecology with Scripture.

Using this resource, Catholic communities can systematically answer Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si' to respect what scientists tell us about billions of year of cosmic evolution and contemplate God’s presence there. We can recognise that the earth is being abused; that poor people are the first to suffer and pray to be responsible carers for the multiple gifts of the earth as co-creators with God.

Each Sunday focuses on a particular grace to remember and celebrate in prayer:

23 C sunday 24C Sunday
25 C Sunday 26 C
27 C Sunday



These resources are selected from the book "Eucharist and Laudato Si - liturgical resources to celebrate a Catholic season of creation during September" by Columban Fr Charles Rue.

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