Plunge into Mystery: Scriptural Reflections for Pentecost

‘Plunge into Mystery: Scriptural Reflections on Pentecost Communities Year A 2023’ is a resource written by Columban Fr Charles Rue and consists of eight reflections for each Sunday after Easter and draws from the liturgy around Pentecost.

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  1. SECOND SUNDAY OF EASTER – Receive the Holy Spirit
  2. THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER – Recognise and Proclaim Jesus
  3. FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER – Good Shepherd
  4. FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER – Proclaim the Loving Outreach of God to the Gentiles
  5. SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER – God Lives in All Peoples and Places
  6. THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD – With God to the End of Time
  7. PENTECOST SUNDAY – Spirit Abides in Us to the End of Time
  8. THE SOLEMNITY OF THE MOST HOLY TRINITY – One God Manifest in Three Relationships


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