Columban Biodiversity Podcast Season Two - Episode 10

Saqueando Nuestra Tierra: La Pérdida de Biodiversidad + Sobreexplotación | Jubileo por la Tierra  

St Columbans Mission Society is marking the Season of Creation (September 1st – October 4th), with the launch of the second season of the Columban Biodiversity podcast, Jubilee for the Earth: Biodiversity and Our Sacred Story, which is about the beauty of God’s biodiversity and the threat it faces.  Biodiversity podcast Season Two, episode ten (Spanish) Saqueando Nuestra Tierra: La Pérdida de Biodiversidad + Sobreexplotación,’ explores the over-exploitation of biodiversity.  Episode ten is hosted byCynthia Gonzalez, Advocacy Coordinator for the Columban Centre for Advocacy and Outreach in the US.

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