Missionary Virtues: Humility

Columban - Fr Noel Connolly - Missionary Virtues: Humility  

'Missionary Virtues: Humility ' is the fourth in a series of video reflections presented by Columban Fr Noel Connolly.

One disadvantage of missionaries and other people with a message is that their very conviction often blinds them to the presence of God already in people. They have so much they want to say that these people need to hear. But for missionaries to be truly effective they need to be more humble and respectful and better listeners. This is especially true in Australia, where people have an aversion to “Bible-bashers” or “God-botherers” and suspicious of religious people who seem to have all the answers. We can always be sure that the Holy Spirit has been there before us. And people only listen to people who respect and also listen to them.

Video filmed by Matthew Howard (Communications Officer, Redemptorists, Australia and New Zealand).